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9 Affordable DIY Design Ideas to Elevate Your Home Decor

If you fear that the only way to embrace all of the trendy home design ideas is to part with your current decor and start from scratch, all the while draining your bank account, fear not. You can exercise your creativity and save cash while making your space covetable and conversation-worthy. The following home design ideas are just too good to ignore.

Bathroom With Warm Wood.

1. Infuse decor with warm wood tones:
Warm wood is making a comeback. Wood can bring warmth, depth, and an intimate feel that creates a serene scene. This can help with an all-white bathroom where you want to keep it light and bright but have that warm feeling. On a smaller scale, consider DIYing a warm wood frame for an existing mirror that could use an upgrade.

Storage Room With Organised Pantry Items, Non-perishable Food Staples, Preserved Foods, Healty Eatings, Fruits And Vegetables.

2. Pantries still reign:
Pantries that prioritize function and maximize storage are something we’ve grown to appreciate even more in recent years. The pantry is not just a junky storage room of dry goods; it’s how we plan meals, sort food groups, and make shopping lists. It’s really become an extension of the kitchen space.

Elegant wooden antique bookcase in a dark modern bedroom interior with a black wall and beige paintings with golden elements

3. Mix and match old with new:
Styling antique finds alongside contemporary furnishings will never go out of style. The thrill of combining these items is incorporating modern pieces into more traditional spaces or vice versa. Just don’t go overboard by adding too many into one room. Just think about common threads between the objects, like color, texture, and shape.

Emerald green and white Modern Scandinavian kitchen with large dining table and chairs.

4. Go bold with the kitchen:
The phasing out of the all-white kitchen continues. The penchant for color is visible in coating cabinets in bold colors. Rich cool tones, such as peacock or royal blue, as well as emerald green, are colors that create a stunning contrast when combined with the quartzite and marble option.

A small dining room with a statement rattan lighting ficture and a painted blue dining room table.

5. Statement light fixtures:
Say goodbye to the standard-looking light fixtures and opt for something that makes a statement instead. Improvements in both the design and technology of multi-point lighting make them much easier to work with. You now have the ability to experiment with globe styles, heights, and finishes to create a truly custom statement.

Modern bathroom

6. Rethink bathroom walls and floors:
If your bathroom floors or walls need a facelift, plan to go retro with hexagons, rhomboids, and circles. Opt for tiles with combos of white, gray, and black to nail that classic vintage aesthetic. Alternatively, try longer tiles paired with patterned accent tiles boasting touches of metallics and iridescent glazes.

Living room with an art piece

7. Display artwork:
Gallery walls have their place in the interior design world, but when it comes to art pieces, like a vintage canvas or a thrifted midcentury print, DIYing a frame may be the way to go. To display, consider innovative approaches to hanging art, such as installing a picture rail or layering a cluster of vintage frames on top of one another.

A section of two white painted modern bookshelves with books, a plant and a decorative storage box.

8. Rethink existing furniture:
Before you buy new furniture, see if you can repurpose something you already own. For instance, instead of splurging on nightstands, perhaps utilize mismatched chairs or floating shelves to get the job done and create a personalized bedroom design.

Living space with mirror.

9. Don’t underestimate mirrors:
Mirrors aren’t just for checking hair on the way out the door. Mirrors are a great source to reflect light and open up a space. They can make a room feel larger and brighter, so if a corner of your home is dark and feels cramped, a mirror is a brilliant solution to make your space feel lighter.

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