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clean kitchen

Tips on How to Keep a Clean Kitchen

A messy kitchen can be demoralizing, and having to clean it up before you start cooking can drain your energy. To prevent this from happening, it’s essential to keep your kitchen in a basic and general state of cleanliness and order. As the hardest-working room in the house and the place where the messiest messes are often made, some principles need to be kept firmly in place. Here are some of the best ways to keep your kitchen in perpetual tip-top shape.

  1. Do a nightly counter sweep

Paper and other clutter tend to collect on kitchen counters, and when left out, they multiply. Ensure this doesn’t happen by clearing off your counters and putting things where they belong every night.

  1. Wash tools immediately after using them

Don’t let graters, strainers, and other tools sit before being cleaned. Cleaning them right away means you won’t have to deal with the arduous task of scrubbing dried-on food from these tricky items.

  1. Organize the cabinet beneath the sink

Having your cleaning tools and products accessible is key to maintaining a kitchen. You probably store the majority of them in the cabinet under your sink, and that’s great. Just make sure it’s organized so that you can easily grab what you need when you need it.

  1. Strive for an empty sink always

Even one dirty fork in the sink makes it easier to stack your dirty bowl in there rather than wash it right away. An empty sink is more likely to stay that way. Get in the habit of keeping an empty sink and encourage family members to join your efforts.

  1. Sweep and mop nightly

Kitchen floors can get dirty real fast if they aren’t maintained. Add a quick night sweep or mop to your routine to keep floors from ever getting too bad and to keep from tracking kitchen crumbs throughout the house.

  1. Clean up right after every meal

Don’t ever make it an option to come back to a dirty table and kitchen after a meal. Clear the table immediately and set everyone to work until the kitchen is back in order.

  1. Make the refrigerator cleanout a regular task

You have to deep clean your fridge once in a while, but if you want to maintain a clean kitchen, you will need to regularly check for produce that’s going bad and leftovers that need to be tossed.

  1. Give small appliances a clean every time you use them

Each time you take something out of the microwave or toaster, wipe up any splatters or spilled crumbs. This way, your small appliances are clean every time you go to use them.

  1. Empty the trash every night

You know what ruins a clean kitchen every time? A stinky trash can. Don’t let trash sit. Take it out every night. If you feel like you’re emptying trash bags that aren’t full enough, consider a smaller trash can.

So there you have it, my favorite tips for keeping your kitchen clean. I hope these inspired you to make the effort to keep your kitchen neat and tidy.

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