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Reasons to Consider Living in Oyarifa: A Community with Unmatched Serenity

The Oyarifa area is one of the newly developed areas, thanks to its flat, tarred road network that runs along the central part of Accra. The town is situated in the Greater Accra region of Ghana’s La Nkwantanang District, about 35 minutes from central Accra. It is the town that comes before Ayi Mensah, before Madina, and after Adenta before climbing the Aburi-Peduase Hills. If you live in an unhappy environment, it may make you feel disturbed, agitated, unproductive, or depressed. This, in turn, results in a lot of health problems and complications. A pleasing atmosphere will help to change that. Living in a serene environment or town like Oyarifa leads to a more relaxed body and mind because whatever you see, hear, and experience affects your mood and how your body system functions. Why do you have to live in a place like Oyarifa? What are some of the benefits or advantages of living in Oyarifa?

Portrait of an active man running exercise workout outdoors
  1. Physical Exercises / Hiking: In natural settings, vigorous exercise creates an increased sense of good health and the release of endorphins that gym exercises are unable to achieve. There are many benefits to our mental, physical, and social health, which can keep you healthy for a long time when you go hiking along the tarred roads of Oyarifa and climb the hills. It is a way of immersing yourself in nature. Climbing mountains and seeing beautiful natural scenes is something you don’t see every day at your house or office. You will be able to relax your overactive mind, and you will be able to concentrate on new tasks. Being a resident in Oyarifa ensures that you can take advantage of this, as opposed to others from different areas in Accra.
Portrait of a man breathing fresh air in nature
  1. The Use of Fresh Air as a Stress Relief: Living in Oyarifa gives you the ability to escape the pressures of everyday life because it has a favorable environment. You need fresh air, which generally has higher oxygen levels that increase blood vessels in your lungs to expand and improve the cleaning and repair of tissues within them, helping you exchange gases more easily after a stressful day at work or an enclosed meeting room with poor ventilation. If you are a resident of Oyarifa, it gives you access to clean air in comparison with the rest of Accra, which is overpopulated and polluted. It’s very beneficial to your brain to breathe in fresh air, rather than polluted air, which can make you feel more peaceful.
  1. Beautiful Scenes of Nature: Being a resident of Oyarifa will expose you to the best views that one can’t get in the other parts of Accra. It gives you a completely new perspective on nature that is not available in the other parts of Accra. It gives you an overwhelming sense of freedom and simplicity when you have a beautiful view of the mountain. You’ll easily find yourself surrounded by absolute silence and miles of untouched natural beauty, further than your eyes can see. They encourage you to live right now, forgetting the common and often overwhelming pressures of daily life. It helps to divert our minds from negative thoughts by focusing on something like trees or greenery. When you take a break from your stressful lives, it helps you to become more creative and efficient by watching the beautiful mountain views when you live in Oyarifa. Spending time doing it helps to bring back the passion and desire to do more.
  1. Creation of Memories: There are a lot of benefits and advantages to residing in Oyarifa, but the ease with which you can visit tourist sites and centers is most exciting. It can be difficult to imagine spending quality time with family in today’s world of screens, social media, and internet content. They are often locked into their cell phones or tablets. By contrast, going outside makes it easier for you and your family to disconnect from technology and connect with each other. Within a couple of minutes from Oyarifa, you’ll find many tourist destinations and centers where friends and relatives can spend quality time together and create beautiful memories. Aburi Botanical Gardens, Boti Falls, Asenema Waterfalls, Bunso Arboretum (Bunso Eco Park), ATV Aburi Quad Biking, Umbrella Rock, and many others are tourist sites and centers located in Aburi and its surroundings in the Eastern Region.
  1. Weather Conditions: Oyarifa is a place with new, quiet, and pleasant weather due to its proximity to nature and Aburi. In contrast to the rest of Accra, it’s not hot or sunny. You get better sleep because of the weather conditions in Oyarifa. It helps you fall asleep sooner, resulting in a better night’s rest, decreased stress levels, and reduced irritability. Oyarifa’s air is chilled, making you feel refreshed and at ease.

In conclusion, substantial developments have taken place in Oyarifa, and the most appropriate development is The Blay. It is a gated community that offers a perfect combination of comfort, affordability, and modern living in a calm and peaceful environment. The Blay is the best place to live to experience Oyarifa’s peace and beauty. For more information on The Blay, please see:

The Blay

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