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Unveiling Accra’s Hidden Gems

As Ghana’s capital, Accra is home to structures from the Victorian era, scientific impressions from the socialist era, and modern architecture, not to mention the vibrant kiosk-clustered neighborhoods. Take a tour of the capital’s hidden spots that even locals don’t know about with our ultimate insider’s guide. Start by taking in Villagio Vista adjacent to the Tetteh Quarshie interchange. Here, the architects from Allford Hall Monaghan Morris were inspired by the pattern of Kente. This unique and distinctive aesthetic gives way to sustainable measures, which include the use of narrow, tall, and recessed windows to cut down on solar gain. Book yourself into one of the 36 apartments here and check out their two connecting buildings. Do some swimming or venture out into the city and make new friends while learning one or two of the 250 Ghanaian languages and dialects in a cool bar, where Ghanaian delicacies are served, and alcoholic cocktails are enjoyed all night long.

For lunch, grab a bite at Au Grand Ecuyer on the Ring Road. The traditional buffet at the Holiday Inn is irresistible, and Le Tandem is also good for mouth-watering gourmet food. Further afield, Accra’s Airport City is a large business district around the airport which turns heads all over the capital. This is where office and retail projects designed by Mario Cucinella Architects attract investors in banking, oil and gas, telecom, and startups. Tired of vehicular traffic? Take a short ride west to Tills Beach near Kokrobite, where the beautiful white sands kiss your feet. Play volleyball and join in for their BBQ parties at night.

Back in town, for a showroom and gallery experience in a single space, visit La Maison at Icon House in Airport City and Sixth Street in Osu. More than 40 designs, home accessories, furnishings, and decorative artifact brands are available, curated by Nada Moukarzel, who has lived in Ghana for the past 18 years. The African-themed ornaments here are mostly made by local artists. There are also vases, charming chandeliers from Damascus, and chinaware as part of the extensive collection.

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