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5 Amazing neighborhoods in Accra right now. Check out Number 3

Everybody dreams of building or buying their own house. In Accra, neighborhoods such as Dzorwulu, Spintex, East Legon, Cantonments, and Airport Residential Area quickly come to mind when people want to settle on where to stay. However, this won’t be the case for long as these areas are fast becoming congested, and new areas are emerging to take their place. Many people have recognized the potential of these new communities and are taking advantage of it. These are 5 Amazing neighborhoods in Accra right now.

1. Cantonments

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Cantoments is located 5km west of Kwame Nkrumah Circle and a 15-minute drive southwest of the airport. There are many well-built 3-4 bedroom gated community estate houses to choose from. You might consider living in Cantoments with your family because the Ghana International School (GIS) is located here. However, you will need to travel 10-15 minutes to nearby Osu when you need to visit a supermarket or ATM. It’s important to be financially robust, as the cost of living in Cantoments is not for everyone.

2. Tse Addo

Tse Addo
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Tse Addo has become a popular residential enclave for top celebrities and key government figures, such as former President John Mahama. The neighborhood is located behind Trade Fair and is characterized by tall buildings, including some that are still under construction, and beautiful gated communities. While the area is still developing, many people have recognized its potential as the next Cantoments and are rushing in to acquire property before it’s too late.

3. East Legon Hills

East Legon Hills
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East Legon Hills has inherited the affluence and prominence of East Legon. It is located around Santoe in Kpone-Katamanso, and it’s about an hour’s drive from the Kotoka International Airport. The community is renowned for being a family-friendly neighborhood, with excellent schools, retail malls, and attractively priced housing options. it was one of the fastest growing amazing neighborhoods in Accra right now with construction going on everyday.

4. Osu

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Osu is not a planned residential area, but it has serviced apartments for middle and high income class individuals and foreign nationals who enjoy the nightlife. It was built in the midst of century-old buildings. The popular Oxford Street in Osu is noted for its many restaurants, cafes, and 24/7 businesses. If you enjoy Chinese, Italian, Thai, and Mexican food, there are joints available. In Osu, you can find just about anything.

5. Tema Community 25

Tema Community 25
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Tema Community 25 is roughly 10 kilometres from downtown Tema (Community 1), and it is gradually becoming a popular area for new residences, schools, health centres, retail malls, banks, and other enterprises. The overall ambiance is quite relaxing, and the community boasts a police station and fire station to cater to the security needs of its residents, making it an ideal location for property ownership.

In conclusion, as the population in Accra continues to grow, it’s important to keep an eye on the new emerging residential areas that offer great opportunities for investment and development. The areas mentioned in this article, such as Community 25, Tse Addo, East Legon Hills, Osu, and Cantoments, all have unique characteristics that make them attractive to different segments of the population. It’s important to consider factors such as proximity to schools, retail malls, hospitals, and security when deciding on a place to settle in. Ultimately, with proper research and investment, these new communities have the potential to become the new hotspots of Accra.

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