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Your Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Swimming Pools Available : Discover Your Perfect Swimming Pool

In residential landscapes, there can be several types of swimming pools a swimming pool can refer to any permanent or temporary tank or container used to hold water in which users can swim or simply relax. They come in different types, and choosing the right one requires you to carefully think about what role you want the pool to play in your family’s lifestyle. As you take a tour of 6 swimming pool options, give thought to what you really want and need in a swimming pool and how much time, money, and effort you’re willing to invest.

  1. Kiddie Pool

At the very lowest end of the “can I afford a pool” scale is the easy-to-find portable kiddie pool, which can be either an inflatable device or a rigid plastic shell. Either way, these pools can be pulled out of storage whenever hot weather arrives and the kids need a place to cool off, then put back into storage at the end of the season. Just make sure you drain the pool after each use and keep an alert eye on the kids at all times. Even very shallow pools can be hazardous to unsupervised kids.

  1. Above-ground Pool

These pools are also a common choice for a backyard swimming pool. Along with the low cost comes ease of installation. Above-ground swimming pools don’t take elaborate landscaping to prepare or a lengthy process to install. You can purchase pools with built-in features such as lights or jet sprays. Above-ground pools also minimize the risk of falling in because the entry point is high off the ground, but children and people who can’t swim should not be around any pool unsupervised.

  1. Lap Pool

Lap pools are meant for a very specific purpose: swimming laps. They are not the most family-friendly option, but they are excellent for swimmers using a pool for exercise. They are rectangular in shape and very long, typically 30 to 70 feet. They do not generally have a shallow end; they are deep throughout so that turns can be made on either end.

  1. Architectural Pool

This is one of the most expensive types of swimming pools. As its name suggests, this type of pool is designed by an architect. They require a lot of sophistication and planning prior to installation and typically incorporate unique and complicated design elements that also require significant installation costs and time. They are meant to complement the design of the home and overall landscaping. They are often designed at the same time as the house.

  1. Infinity Pool

This is commonly seen on influencers’ Instagram pages when visiting a fancy resort. Infinity pools are custom-built and meant to highlight a spectacular view. They are also called vanishing edge pools, zero-edge or negative-edge pools because they create the illusion that one edge of the pool drops off as if into a waterfall, even though the pool is contained. Due to the complicated structural nature of infinity pools, they are one of the most expensive types of swimming pools. They are usually found in commercial establishments rather than someone’s backyard.

  1. Plunge Pool

They are not exactly meant for swimming. They are relatively small, about 10 by 15 feet with one depth, and are intentionally kept cold. They are generally used as a way to cool down and relieve stiffness after athletic activity. They can be built as an addition to a more traditional swimming pool, but that doesn’t mean they’re cheap.

In conclusion, budget, lot size, and availability of materials will all factor into what type of pool you will eventually decide to build or install on your property. Also consider the maintenance work required for each type. Some pool owners come to regret owning a pool that requires many hours of maintenance work or expensive pool maintenance services.

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