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Rent to own in Ghana : Affordable Homes by the NHF.

Blavior is delighted to let you know about the rent-to-own program and mortgage program in Ghana. This program is offered by the National Homeownership Fund. These programs, which are a partnership between the Fund and member banks, are intended to give Ghanaian employees access to inexpensive housing options.

How to Access the Rent to own program

The Fund has produced a on demand survey form so that interested people can access the programs more easily. Honest survey responses will help personalize housing solutions to individual needs and speed up the process of home ownership through mortgage and rent-to-own programs.
a house is a fact. Although we are not currently associated with the National Homeownership Fund, we wholeheartedly support their purpose and think they are doing a great job serving the community.

Housing is available through the rent to own program in a number of communities, including Tema, Shai Hills, Kasoa, Amasaman, Kwabenya, Afienya, and Ablekuma-Nsakina.

Buyers can select from a variety of residences, including detached or semi-detached structures with either a ground floor or multiple floors, as well as homes designed to resemble apartments

These dwellings are available with one to four bedrooms, accommodating different household size.

With a starting price of GHC 180,000 and a maximum loan repayment duration of 20 years or until retirement, whichever comes first, the mortgage program also provides reasonable possibilities. In this arrangement, you will always know that your rent payment is towards home ownership, and one day you will own a home and not have to pay any rent to any landlord

People have the option of applying for a mortgage individually or jointly. So even if you are not eligible by yourself, as a joint partnership with your spouse, friend or family, you might be eligible for these rent to own mortgages.

The National Home ownership Fund aims to provide access to home ownership for Ghanaian workers by providing these cheap housing options. As a real estate firm, Blavior supports these initiatives and encourages interested individuals to take advantage of the rent-to-own scheme and mortgage program to make their dream of owning

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Thanks a lot for this information. I have filled the survey

Abu Issah

Abu Issah

Please I need help of renting chembar and holl self contain for one year

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