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Versatile 20-Bedroom Property in Kwabenya for Multi-Use

About This Listing

This 20-bedroom property in Kwabenya, available for just $3,000 per month, offers an excellent opportunity for various purposes such as school hostels, educational institutions, company offices, and more. With its generous number of bedrooms, this property can comfortably accommodate a sizable number of occupants. For educational institutions, it’s an ideal space to set up student hostels, providing a convenient and secure living environment for students. The spacious layout allows for comfortable living conditions. Alternatively, for businesses and companies, this property can serve as a versatile office space. Its ample square footage and numerous rooms offer the flexibility to create individual offices, meeting rooms, and collaborative workspaces. The property’s location in Kwabenya ensures accessibility and visibility for potential clients and partners. Kwabenya is known for its developing infrastructure and growing business community, making it an attractive location for investment and expansion. The affordability of this property at just $3,000 per month presents a cost-effective opportunity for those seeking to establish or expand their presence in the area.
Kwabenya (around Police Container)
Accra, Ghana
Monthly Rent: USD 3,000
20 Bedrooms: Spacious and well-designed bedrooms that can accommodate a significant number of occupants.
Versatile Usage: Suitable for a wide range of purposes including school hostels, educational institutions, company offices, and more.
Convenient Location: Situated in Kwabenya, a location known for its developing infrastructure and business community, offering accessibility and visibility.
Ample Space: The property offers ample square footage, allowing for flexible interior layouts and room for expansion or customization.
Secure Environment: Provides a safe and secure living or working environment for occupants.
Proximity to Amenities: Close to essential amenities such as shops, restaurants, and public transportation.
Potential for Growth: Kwabenya’s growth potential makes it an attractive choice for long-term investments and business expansion.
Parking Facilities: Depending on the property, it may offer parking facilities for occupants or clients.
Natural Lighting: Well-designed windows and spaces to maximize natural light within the property.
Kitchen Facilities: A well-equipped kitchen or kitchenettes for preparing meals and snacks.
Common Areas: Shared common areas such as lounges, dining areas, or meeting rooms for residents or employees.


  • Date:September 16, 2023
  • Type:Rent

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