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Park Ridge: A Luxurious Haven Living in East Airport, Accra

Park Ridge is a prestigious gated community nestled in the serene surroundings of East Airport, Accra, Ghana. Offering a luxurious and secure living experience, this residential development caters to discerning individuals seeking a harmonious lifestyle. With meticulously designed homes and an array of premium amenities, Park Ridge presents an exceptional opportunity for those who desire elegance, comfort, and convenience.

Property Types and Features:

Park Ridge boasts a selection of meticulously crafted properties, each designed to cater to different lifestyle preferences. Let’s explore the unique features of each property type:

1. Harmony (Park Ridge):

   – A luxurious three-level home with four ensuite bedrooms, a Chef’s kitchen, and staff quarters.

   – Impeccable finishing and naturally-lit living rooms create a unique and exquisite lifestyle.

   – Show kitchen with an open floor plan, perfect for hosting and showcasing culinary skills to guests.

   – Price: $465,000.

2. Haven (Park Ridge):

   – This two-level unit features four ensuite bedrooms, a show kitchen, and staff quarters.

   – Thoughtfully crafted floor layouts and elegant interiors offer comfort, privacy, and security.

   – Price: $395,000.

3. Royal Villa (Park Ridge):

   – A stunning two-story home with five ensuite bedrooms, two living rooms, and a study.

   – Designed to provide comfort and convenience, it is perfect for those seeking a sophisticated lifestyle.

   – Price: $630,000.

4. Ariel (Park Ridge):

   – An exquisite villa with five bedrooms, including a guest bedroom and a study, spread across two floors.

   – Master craftsmanship and classic flair complement the comfortable living space and breathtaking views.

   – Price: $680,000.

5. Vaso (Park Ridge):

   – An architectural masterpiece set on two levels, featuring six bedrooms and a gym.

   – Designed to harmoniously blend with nature, offering an inviting and open ambiance.

   – Price: $1,100,000.

Amenities for All Residents:

Residents of Park Ridge enjoy a plethora of premium amenities that enrich their daily lives:

1. 24-hour security: Providing peace of mind and ensuring a safe living environment.

2. Gated community: Offering privacy and exclusivity within the serene surroundings.

3. Water supply: A consistent and reliable water source for all properties.

4. Playgrounds: A designated area for children to play and socialize within the community.

5. Pharmacy: Convenient access to healthcare essentials within the community.

6. Convenience store: Offering daily necessities and convenience at residents’ doorstep.

7. Gymnasium: A well-equipped fitness center for maintaining an active lifestyle.

8. Swimming pool: A recreational area for relaxation and leisure time.

9. Sports courts: Facilities for tennis, basketball, football, badminton, and more.

Proximity to Key Locations:

Park Ridge’s strategic location ensures easy access to essential services and entertainment venues:

– Kotoka International Airport: 12 minutes’ drive away.

– Palace Hypermarket: A short 3 minutes’ drive.

– Accra Mall: Just 10 minutes’ drive away.

– Top Educational Institutions: Within 10 minutes’ drive.

– Healthcare Facilities: Easily accessible within 10 minutes’ drive.


Park Ridge is more than just a gated community; it is an embodiment of luxurious living in East Airport, Accra. With a variety of meticulously designed properties and a wealth of premium amenities, residents can indulge in a lifestyle of comfort, privacy, and sophistication. Whether you seek a modern family home or a grand villa, Park Ridge has something exceptional to offer. Embrace the opportunity to call Park Ridge home and experience the epitome of harmonious living.

For enquiries:

Mail: [email protected]

Phone: +233 24 911 9221 Whatsapp: +233 24 911 9221

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