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Living In Aburi Makes A Lot Of Sense – Find Out Why

Aburi is a town in the Akuapim South Municipal District of the Eastern Region of Ghana, famous for its botanical gardens, scenic views, and pleasant climate. However, Aburi is more than just a tourist destination; it’s also a great place to live for many reasons. In this article, I will present why living in Aburi makes a lot of sense.

Happiness, according to Aristotle, is the highest good and the ultimate end of all our actions. Achieving happiness involves living a life of excellence, fulfilling our potential, and pursuing our true good. External factors like health, wealth, friends, and environment also influence happiness. Therefore, living in a place that supports our happiness is a sensible choice.

Aburi enhances our happiness in various ways. It provides a natural environment conducive to well-being, with a mild climate, clean air, and a beautiful landscape. These factors can improve physical and mental health, reduce stress, and increase enjoyment of life. It offers a lower cost of living than Accra, the capital city of Ghana, making it about 30% cheaper in terms of housing, food, transportation, and utilities. This allows for more savings or spending on valued priorities like education, entertainment, or charity.

Aburi exposes us to a rich cultural and historical heritage. Home to the Aburi Botanical Gardens with over 1,200 species of plants, some rare and endangered, it also boasts historical buildings, monuments, and museums showcasing the town’s history and culture. Aburi fosters a friendly and welcoming community, known for its hospitality and diversity, allowing us to meet new people and learn from different perspectives.

Aburi also celebrates various festivals and holidays, fostering a sense of belonging and joy. Living in Aburi can increase happiness in various aspects of life, achieving a balance between internal and external goods, individual and communal goals, and material and spiritual needs.

Aburi is a peaceful town with a low crime rate and high security level. It has a lower cost of living than Accra, about 30% cheaper in housing, food, transportation, and utilities. This affordability ensures a decent standard of living without excessive expenses or debts. Aburi’s local markets, shops, and restaurants offer fresh and affordable food and goods. Additionally, Aburi has a good education and health system, along with charitable and humanitarian organizations assisting the poor and needy.

Furthermore, Aburi encourages participation and contribution to the common good, inspiring an appreciation for cultural and historical values. The town’s natural environment stimulates curiosity and creativity, with attractions like the Aburi Hills and Peduase Lodge sparking interest. Scientific and artistic activities, such as the Aburi Science and Technology Fair, Aburi Arts and Crafts Festival, and Aburi Writers Workshop, challenge and inspire residents.

Aburi’s lower cost of living provides freedom and flexibility in career, education, and lifestyle choices. The town offers opportunities and resources, contributing to personal and professional growth. In conclusion, living in Aburi offers a high quality of life and a unique charm that is hard to find elsewhere, fostering well-being, fairness, and excellence.

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