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How to make money from real estate in Ghana and Africa

Africa is home to many natural resources that can bring in a lot of revenue. These resources include land, water and oil. Real estate makes up the largest part of Africa’s natural resources and is great for making money. Ghana is one of the best countries in Africa to make money from real estate.

Ghana’s ideal climate and geography make it a great place to build houses or apartments. The country sits on the Gulf of Guinea on the African continent and has water all around it. The Gulf of Guinea is a major ocean that separates Africa from other continents. It’s also known as the Atlantic Oceanic gulf and has many different names in other languages. Africa is the only continent with continuous landmass all the way to Antarctica. Although landlocked, Ghana is still part of the world-renowned African continent.

Growth in Ghana’s economy makes land available for purchase. Most of Ghana’s land belongs to the government and chiefs, which allows it to sell it off to private owners. This increase in real estate opportunities comes from increasing economic growth in Ghana. As the country grows, more people can afford homes in cities like Accra and Kumasi. Additionally, urban areas become more populated so more people have a place to live outside of cities. Similar to how China built its economic growth on manufacturing, Ghana built its economic growth on buying lots for urban development- known as ‘slum clearance.’

Apart from real estate development, people can also make money from real estate in Ghana by providing services to people living in Ghana or nearby. For example, real estate services allow people to live in Ghana or Africa without investing directly in real estate there themselves. Some ways this service business can generate income include agriculture, fishing and forestry. Other occupations require having some knowledge of local customs and traditions, such as teaching or hospitality. Essentially, making money from real estate involves making money from real estate.

Buying land in Ghana gives you several ways to make money from real estate- either developing or providing services to locals. As the country grows economically, more people will be able to afford homes in urban areas like Accra and Kumasi. Or you can develop services for people living in Ghana or Africa- such as teaching, hospitality or agriculture. Each way to make money from real estate has its pros and cons; being aware of them can help you decide which one works best for you.

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